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Favorite Bibles for the Littles

For several years, Cab and I have hosted a small group bible study in our homes. Our focus for our group has been on married couples with young children. We have had different families rotate in and out and some stay with us for years and years. We like to think of our small group as the people we "do" life with. We decided early on that our group needed to be in similar stages of life so that we could share about the difficulties in raising our families we were encountering together!

One of the most common things that has been brought up through the years in small group is an appropriate bible for younger children. How do we share some the difficult stories with them? How do we make the language appropriate? How can I keep the living word of God truthful but at a level where they can understand? When my Carly was very young, we were gifted The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name. I knew within a few chapters that this was a great solution to the dilemmas I had dealt with about sharing the word with my young child.

Now, three children later, and I have read this book to all of my girls. The chapters are perfect length for bedtime stories. The animations are colorful and stir the right questions. As my girls reached the age of about four or five, the stories begin stirring even deeper questions about what we read. The language in this book is reader friendly for the early years of reading( 5-7 years old), so my girls have been able to take this book and read it themselves! This book also serves as a perfect transition to a youth study bible!

I wanted to share about this in case any of our readers were on the hunt for a great bible for their toddler to young elementary aged children. Around the age of 8, I have given each of my big girls a real copy of a bible. They have always had access to our family bibles, but at this age I give them their own. This year for Christmas, I gifted Charlotte with a new bible just for her. It is the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible. She can color some images and has space for sketching and journaling. She has spent a lot of time learning verses and reading her bible because of the "fun" she has while doing so. I highly recommend this style of bible for elementary aged children. The way I see it, these bibles serve as great tools during certain ages for our children to equip them with the knowledge to have a relationship with our creator. If you haven't found a bible that engages your young children, I hope these help you find the right ones for your family!

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