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The Appointment Above All Other Appointments (Hair!)

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

There is an extra pep in my step today. The anticipation plays hide and seek with me all day between the to-do list and work obligations. Most women will identify with this important day. It is the day marked on your calendar at least six weeks in advance. It is the appointment you make regardless if you are having contractions or even need surgery. Hair appointment day is a priority! We all know what happens if heaven forbid an unexpected meeting pops up on your hair day! Yikes!

I spill my coffee entering the school in the morning trying to juggle my purse, backpack, lunchbox, and my coffee splatters against the wall. Brown rivers run down the concrete cinder blocks...Wait a minute! It is hair appointment day, eight hours from now, I will enter Lux salon and head straight for the chair. I feel instantly lighter.


I sit down in Ally’s chair and begin to let the day roll off of me. For the next two hours, I relax knowing my hair is in good hands.

“So, what can I do for you today?” Ally asks turning me to face myself in the mirror.

“Can you make me look ten years younger?” I ask with hope in my voice.

"Sorry, I can’t do.” She says laughing.

“Okay, why don’t you just do what you think will look good.”

I see Ally begin to eye my hair in a new light. I think hair stylist must get extremely tired of doing the same thing to someone’s hair all the time, especially when they think something else will look better.

“You sure?”

“That is what I’m paying you the big bucks for.” I tease. I’m learning when I let go of control, I free myself up for the unexpected.

Ally doesn’t drastically change my mane, but she does cut it different and I like it better!


I have a theory, we choose our hair stylist somewhat based on their style. It is nice to walk into the salon and see someone stylish you wish to emulate. My hair stylist is the epitome of style. She wears the cutest clothes and I’m inspired by her each and every time I sit in her chair.

It is more than her beauty and style that inspires me though, it is the strength of her character that is the best. A few years ago I decided that I wasn’t going to let my time with her be all about me and my own personal therapy session, although sometimes it still is. I decided I would ask her questions about her life, let her do the talking.

Through listening to Ally, I’ve seen her grow in her spiritual journey, battle a serious disease with grace and courage, be a mother figure to her boyfriends’ daughter, and plan a wedding and get married.

A girl and her hairdresser is a very special relationship. Sometimes we talk, other times we can be perfectly silent and quiet. She knows some of my secrets and I know some of hers.

I know there was no way she could invite all her clients to her wedding, but I venture to say, many of her clients wanted to be there. In fact, Stephannie and I both go to Ally. On the night of Ally’s wedding, Stephannie’s crew and my crew were hanging out and we had a good laugh about how bad both of us wanted to go to her wedding.

A few months ago, my best friend, Kylee, shared with me her hairstylist retired and she was so sad. She seemed lost. She said, “It is not the same, Peggy knows everything about me and my family.”

The way I see it, ladies, our hairstylist are very special people. They deal with us giving them a picture of Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez’s hair knowing the expectation is totally unfair. Short of having a magic wand, there is no way they can turn us into J. Lo! And yet, they do work their own kind of magic on us and we leave with styled hair. We leave feeling refreshed. We leaving knowing if we don’t sleep too rough our hair, we don't have to fix it the next day and that is a gift!

Show some love to your stylist! Does she know how much you appreciate her?


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