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Who's Chasing Who?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Part 1: You Like Him!

Part 2: Game Plan

Part 3: Shy Southerner verses Marathon Barbie

Who's Chasing Who?

Time to call in the big guns….Mom! She will know just what to do.

“Mom, I can’t compete with her! She is outgoing and very forward if you know what I mean.” I pace back and forth as I unload the latest. This jealousy is like throwing miracle grow on my feelings, they seem to be growing every time I am around him.

“Have you forgotten, boys like to do the chasing? Just be yourself, but ask the boy over to eat for goodness sakes! I know you don’t want to throw yourself at him, but you don’t have to act like a nun either. He will get the picture, if you cook for him.” She states her advice like an almighty judge solving the case with a flick of the gavel.

“Okay, dinner. I can do that! What should I fix?”

“Well,” She takes a long pause, “Your spaghetti is acceptable.” Don’t you just love the honesty between mother and daughter?

“Okay, that sounds like a plan. I can make it sound real causal, like, I just got back from the store and got the stuff to make spaghetti, wanna come over and eat?”

“Well, you could, but remember your goal is to clue him in that you like him! Remember pride comes before a fall.”

“You’re right, thanks, Mom, love you!”

“Love you, too!”

After we hang up, I’m still imagining this conversation...me asking him to dinner...I’ve never asked a boy over before, I’ve always let them do the asking. I’m stressing over what I will say while looking through my playlist when inspiration hits! I’ve got it! The perfect idea. A few months ago, we were all hanging out while I was adding songs to my computer. Stewart kept giving me song ideas to add to my list. I will make him a CD of all the ones he liked! Genius! Nothing says I like you, like a mixed tape.


I see my chance, Stewart is pulling in right behind me after work. I fight my nerves and give myself a tiny pep talk. You can ask him over to dinner. It’s no big deal. Just dinner. He immediately comes over and grabs my bag from me as I get out of Mini Mae, my Mini Cooper. “I made you something.” I manage to say out loud as I fumble in my purse for the mixed tape. “Just some of the country songs you mentioned you liked the other day when I was making a playlist.” Stewart smiles as he turns the CD over in his hands.

“Thank you, I can’t wait to listen to it, but my CD player is broken. I love it! No one has ever made me a mixed CD before.” Stewart says smiling.

I blush seven shades of pink and decide now is the moment, “Hey, do you want to come over and eat dinner tomorrow night, I have the stuff to make spaghetti?” I try and make it sound casual. I float back to my apartment and while it might have been just a tiny step in the right direction I feel like I just took one giant leap towards changing our relationship status.

Spaghetti Dinner

The noodles are almost done, the sauce is simmering, and my heart is racing. It is showtime! I hear the knock on the door and I silently whisper a prayer for this to work.

He has been to my apartment many times before, but somehow it is like he is coming over for the first time.

“Are you interested in checking out the movie, Cars? I stopped by on my lunch break and picked it up. It just came out today.” Stewart holds up the movie like a question mark.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to see it!” I turn around to stir the sauce and smile...he gets it! My heart dances with delight. He knows I like him and this is going better than I expected! I will thank Mom later.

After dinner Stewart suggests going over to his apartment to watch the movie on his big screen. All is going great, we are cuddling on his couch, the movie credits are rolling and I’m wondering if he is going to kiss me when there is an unexpected knock on the door.

I hear her voice before I see her! Amanda! Are you kidding me? I’m still on the couch and it sounds like maybe Stewart is trying to get rid of her, but it is not working. I’m straining to hear and it sounds like she is saying something about a CD player.

I get up and move to the door. She doesn’t miss a beat when she sees me and keeps talking. “Do you mind helping me get it out of my car? It is kind of heavy.” She says with her head tilted sideways looking up at Stewart.

Well, played Amanda. Well played! She is bringing him a CD player to play the CD I made him! I admit defeat and just want out of there. I’m not even sure how to make my exit, but I make a quick one. I leave them standing by the trunk of her car chatting.

My imagination is running wild. I hear that whomp, whomp, whomp sound in my mind you know the one you hear when you lose the arcade game. The jealousy pulses in my fingers as I unlock my door. What just happened? She hijacked our almost date! She is in his apartment right now. I dial Kylee before I picture what is happening in apartment 205 again.

“Yikes! I see...that is not good!” She sounds concerned.

“Wait a second, I’m getting another call. It is him! I’ll call you back.”

“Hey, since you cooked for me tonight, let me return the favor tomorrow night.” Stewart states.

“Sure, sounds great! See you tomorrow.” Relief floods through me. I just won the face-off. He got rid of her in about five minutes because there is no way she left on her own. She is chasing him, but he is more interested in pursuing me!

And the rest as they say is history!


I prayed God would bring me the special someone I needed to my front door. He was faithful to answer my prayer. God didn’t bring him to my front door, but brought him to my back door. Our apartments backed up to each other. The funny thing is I almost missed the answer to my prayer. Open your heart and your mind and look for ways God is directing your path. The way I see it, it is important to relive your story from time to time. Reminiscing can bring you back to a place of excitement when your relationship was new.

Whether you are single, dating, or married there is one relationship we all should reflect on...our relationship with the Lord. Have you met him? When did you realize you loved him for the first time? I remember meeting Stewart for the first time, but it took me about five months to enter into a relationship with him. God works much the same way Stewart did with me, he waited for me to come to him on my terms. God is patient and waits for you to take the first step. There is always a next step to take in your relationship with the Lord.

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

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