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Game Plan

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Stewart doesn't read my blog, but he asked me last Friday what my blog post was about. "I'm telling our story." I said as I raised my eyebrows a little so maybe, just maybe he would be tempted to read it. His eyes got big and he asked me what I remember about how we got together. It is kind of a running joke with us and I tell him he can check it out on thatsthewayseeit.com.

He replies with I'm not his attended audience and I suppose there is truth in that statement. When I asked him how he would tell our story he told what he called "our story" in fifteen words. He said, "I saw you sitting in an Adirondack chair reading, and I liked what I saw." Boys, they are so different than ladies! Really? That's all you've got! Anyway, if you missed last week, be sure to read, "You Like Him!" first.

Part 2: Game Plan

Sunday night...

“Okay, Kylee… I’m just going to admit it. You were right, I do like Stewart.” I try to bypass the teasing and how she hit the nail on the head. “Quit laughing, how do I let him know, I like him now? I’ve put him in the friends' zone, so this is a tricky situation.” If there is one thing Kylee likes more than teasing me, it is giving me her advice! I hold my breath and hope we can skip straight to the strategizing?

She is quiet for a second and I know I’ve escaped a few minutes of teasing. “That is easy, next time you are with him, just grab him and give him a giant smooch right on the lips!” She announces confidently. “Too bold...fine! Oh, I’ve got it! Tell him you have a friend who is struggling with how to let a guy know she likes him. Then ask him, what should your friend do?”

Kylee continues to come up with outrageous ways to clue Stewart in I’ve changed my mind about him. Each suggestion is more outlandish than the last and by the time we get off the phone, my sides are hurting from the laughter.

Since Kylee was zero help, I come up with my own game plan.

Week 1: Operation...Get out of the Friend Zone

Game Plan

  1. If everyone is hanging out together, sit right next to him on the couch whenever possible.

  2. If he says something funny, I will laugh and maybe touch his arm.

Thursday Night

I’m working the plan and Stewart asks me if I want to go to the movies Saturday night with some people from our apartment building. Great! Now, I have a chance to flirt in a more date-like setting. At the movies, I will make sure to sit by Stewart and really turn-up the charm. I’m feeling good and think I am close to Stewart realizing I like him and then maybe he will make the first official move. I so have this!

Saturday Movie Night

The mood is light and people are milling around Stewart’s apartment laughing and having a good time when there is another knock on the door. I thought everyone was already here. Wrong! In comes the cute blonde, Amanda, that used to live in our building. (Amanda is not her real name) A girl who I could tell used to like Stewart, it was very obvious.

Amanda yells loud enough for everyone to hear, ”Oh, Stewart! I like your new jeans, they would look better on the floor by my bed though!” The boys instantly jump all over this with catcalls and such.

WHAT??? Are you kidding me? Who says things like that? The teasing is dying down as I feel the dread creep up my throat and the panic rising in me as if I’d been hit by a tidal wave of pure jealousy. I’ve lost my opportunity, it is too late! My slow approach is no match for this blonde storm. My plan of sitting next to him at the movies doesn’t feel so strong now that she is talking about her bed. For your information, I helped Stewart pick out those jeans when we went shopping last week.

Girls have a sixth sense when it comes to matters of the heart and I’m pretty sure Amanda picked up on my new found feelings for Stewart right away. She is bringing her A-game to this grudge match. She makes sure to announce she and her boyfriend are done and she is available. She is all over Stewart and I want to crawl into my bed and just hibernate.

We exit the apartment and everyone starts filing into cars. She somehow weasels her way into the front seat right next to Stewart. I’m in the backseat with a front row seat of Amanda seducing Stewart. She lays her head over on Stewart’s shoulder, she hits his arm as he makes a joke, she slaps his leg once. She is working my plan! In fact, I don’t think five minutes have gone by without her touching him somewhere.

It's not fair! I just realized I liked him and now it is too late. The night drags on and on and I’m beginning to feel like I’m on a group date similar to an episode of the Bachelor. Amanda is doing everything in her power to make sure she is getting the rose at the end of the date. Last week, I was denying liking Stewart and suddenly there is no more denying it, I’m one hundred percent sure… I do! It is amazing the clarity that comes from psychotic jealousy.

If this date had been a basketball game, my coach would have called a time-out for me to regroup and change my game

plan. Unfortunately for me, I do not have a life coach and the rest of the date didn’t get any better. I flounder and fail. I so do not have this!

The scoreboard for the night:

Amanda 1 and Jennifer 0

To be continued…

Part 3

Shy Southern Takes on Marathon Barbie

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