• Jennifer Hastings

These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

These are a few of my favorite things! I’m learning to pay more attention to what really makes me happy and spend more time, more effort, and more energy on those things.

Reading! There is nothing better in the world than getting under my favorite blanket and having a good book to read. I read nine books this year. For something I put at the top of my list as my very favorite thing to do...only nine books is disappointing to me. This next year, I want to make more room in my life for reading.

I have this rule for my reading though, I can only read one holocaust historical fiction book a year. It takes me about a month or two after I have read about World War Two for my dreams and thoughts to go back to normal. I just can’t seem to let the book go knowing the horrific events are based on truth. My choice this year was We Were the Lucky Ones, by Georgia Hunter. It was my favorite book I read in 2018. The whole book follows a family and their sheer will to survive as they are split up and their desire to find each other. Hunter found out when she was fifteen at a family reunion that her family were survivors of the Holocaust. She became fascinated and researched and researched their stories and her wonderful book was a result of that fascination. Read it!

I have discovered I love lavender bath salts. When the bath bomb craze hit last year, I got the girls various bath stuff for Christmas. They used all the bombs but left the giant bag of lavender Epsom salts. I think there is magic in those salts. My goal this year is to take more baths on rough days and let the magic of those fizzy things take my cares away. Maybe it is the lavender that is calming and helps me sleep... I don’t know and don’t care... I just know it is a small thing but makes me very happy. I plan to buy a new bag and always have it on hand!

Stewart and I have discovered Cheers on Netflix! We were both too young to really understand the humor of it when it originally came on television. We are hooked! We may need to slow our viewing habits down because I think we are beginning to talk to each other like Sam and Diane!

I’m learning to keep a playlist of my favorite inspiring songs and play them on a regular basis! This is life changing! Songs can boost your mood and speak love and truth to your heart. Make your list. You Say, by Lauren Daigle is at the top of my list this year.

This lesson learned comes from Stewart. If you know Stewart, don’t tell him...he doesn’t read the blog and we don’t want him to go and get the big head! The lesson starts with a purse. Stewart got me a fabulous purse last year for Christmas. A purse I love so much, I carried it all year! A purse I love so much, I may carry it for all of 2019 too! A purse I love so much, I took it into the couch store when we were picking out leather for our couch. I told the sales lady, this purse makes me happy, can we find something similar to it?

Now, I’m sitting on a couch that I LOVE! The lesson is two-fold. Stewart pays attention to what he likes and researches it before he buys anything. I tend to make my purchases more like a toddler picks out snacks, whatever strikes my fancy at the moment and I don’t think long term. Stewart is willing to pay more for what he really wants knowing he will have it longer and be happier long-term with his purchases. I’m beginning to try this approach to making purchases.

I dabbled with a family game night this year. We tried to play a game on Wednesday nights through the week. We missed the goal more times than we hit it but when we did, it was so refreshing! Hearing our kids laugh and being part of the laughter with them, helped Stewart and I let go of our work stress and focus on what really matters. Yesterday, we had a game-a-thon! Talk about family fun! The games started with pig played on the new goal Poppy got the girls for Christmas followed by a game of two on two. Stewart and Caroline versus Claire and me, they got us by a few points only cause they fouled more! Next, we played a game for Carter. We set-up all his dinosaurs and shot them with Nerf guns! We took them bowling, played Sorry, Perfection, and ended with Memory! I hope to make game-a-thon a more regular event around the Hastings household.

I hope you take a moment and reflect on those little things that make you smile, make you laugh, make your heart feel full and do those things on purpose. The way I see it, those moments are your life!


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