• Stephannie Bramlett

Giving Tuesday

Today is the day! Thanksgiving and Black Friday have passed. Cyber Monday deals are over. Today is a day now known as Giving Tuesday. So, what does that mean for us? Really, this is an opportunity to align our spending. We have one month left in this calendar year and this is an opportunity to up your charitable donations before the end of this tax season!

Before you blindly give to any organization making a plea in your email inbox or Facebook feed, I encourage you to take a look at some of the details about the company you choose to give to. My first recommendation is to always give to your local church. You can call and ask them to go over their annual budget. Often times, you can give to specific funds within the church like missions or building projects or charitable gifts, if some certain area specifically speaks to your heart.

There are wonderful, large scale nonprofit organizations you donate to, as well. While I have not verified all of the information in some of these graphics, I see this type of information released about these organizations each year. While I found several blogs trying to dispute the details of the numbers, one thing remains: there are much better options than others! I don't know about you, but I want my dollar to go to the greater good rather than buying a CEO a new house or boat! I personally love Ronald McDonald House of Chattanooga and Make a Wish Foundation.

In addition to the financial details of these companies, many of the more popular, recognizable organizations do not align with my specific morality. For instance, my husband works for a company that does most of the charitable donations to one of what I like to call "The Big 5". While these organizations are wonderful and do a lot of great things for communities, there are some specifics in their spending that my husband and I do not agree with. Every time his company is doing a fundraiser, Cab declines to participate in the giving to that organization. It may not be the popular choice in the office, but it is one that he knows is right for us.

I say all of this to say: GIVE! Find an organization, church, school, local charity or some one in need. If you cannot give financially, there are plentiful opportunities to serve your time! The Salvation Army is a perfect example: you can give financially each time you see a setup outside of the grocery store and/or you can volunteer to be a bell ringer! There are major parenting opportunities to teach the value of a giving heart to our children! The gift of giving is one that pays in much bigger ways than more "stuff" under the tree or piled in your playroom. I hope your hearts find an organization to give to today on Giving Tuesday and more! At least, that is the way I see it.



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