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My Top Three Favorite Podcast

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

It wasn't too long ago, I didn’t even know what a podcast was, I simply ignored the purple app on my phone. I never once thought about pushing it to see what it had to offer me. Now, one of my favorite things to do is listen to a podcast on my drive to and from work. Well, really anytime I have a few free moments. They can be so motivating and inspiring. Listening to a podcast, makes me feel like I’m making better use of my time while I’m completing some of the mundane task life requires...like laundry.

  1. Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman

My good friend, Ali, sent me the Next Right Thing podcast and told me it reminded her of our blog. After listening to Emily’s

podcast, I will take that as a huge compliment! Emily tells a story, offers a prayer, and a simple next right step for your life. She has such a calming voice and is so comforting in her messages. This podcast is a reminder for me to take time to listen to my soul. Life is more than accomplishing goals and achieving your dreams...it is the process of living. I’m hooked! Her episodes come out on Tuesdays.

In one of her recent episodes, she mentioned her sister wrote a book called the Cozy Minimalist Home. Reading it right now and am loving it! It is all about finding your own style of decorating.

2. Parenting on Purpose

Who couldn't use a reminder about what it means to be a better parent? Dr. Bob Barnes and Torrey Roberts teach about marriage and parenting. This podcast helps me focus on my parenting in a more spiritual way. They share practical tips to help you make better daily parenting decisions. Some of the series I've listen to are teaching forgiveness, dealing with lying, and training your child to respect authority. If you are on a long car trip, listen to parenting on purpose with your husband. It will provide interesting parenting topics to discuss.

3.The Dave Ramsey Show

Stewart and I have been following Dave Ramsey's financial plan for a long time! His podcast was the very first one I ever listened to. I ended up talking to one of my teacher friends about budgeting one day and she also follows Dave Ramsey. She said her favorite thing was listening to people do their debt-free screams!

“What is that?” I asked. As a couple, Stewart and I took Dave's video course about seven years ago and didn't know doing a debt-free scream was a thing.

Angela’s eyes light up. “It is where people go to David Ramsey’s office in Nashville and go live on his podcast to yell their debt-free screams. Some of these people are paying off credit card debt, school loans, and some of them their mortgage. It is so motivating!”

A podcast you say… That was all the encouragement I needed. I pulled it up and Stewart and I listened to one episode. He was hooked. Whenever anyone calls in to his show and they ask Dave how is he doing, he always responds with “better than I deserve.” I asked Claire how she was doing one day after school and her response was, "better than I deserve!" Kids are always listening and we have been working on teaching our kids our beliefs about money.

Listening to his podcast is a way for us to revisit our financial goals. It helps bring our goals to the forefront and acts as a realignment. Eventually, Stewart eventually cooled it with the Dave Ramsey Show, but we still listen to an episode or two when we are on a long trip in the car.

The way I see it, it is nice to have experts and motivating people speaking truths in your ear! I encourage you to take the time for yourself, choose a topic, and find the podcast for you! I hope you find one that will be a nice treat for you after a long day at work or something to look forward to when you get those clothes out of the dryer.


After starting our blog, I’ve had several people ask us if we have a podcast or have plans to start one. I’m toying with the idea, but I’m learning to take life in steps. Just learning how to join the world of social media again was a big step for me. Starting this blog was a leap of faith. If I'm learning anything in life, it is that the little steps we take along the way are necessary to prepare us for the things yet to come. Who knows, maybe this vlog is a tiny step towards having a podcast where woman listen for a laugh, for a prayer, for a comforting voice of encouragement.

So, we hope you enjoy our next step and experiment with a video blog post. We welcome feedback and suggestions!

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