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A Confession: I Wear Man Pants!

Do you have a comfortable set of pajamas or sweat pants that you dream about? I mean, you are at work or out with friends and you look fabulous, but have your comfort-wear at home that is calling your name? No? Maybe I am alone in this. Maybe it is just this phase of my life in my middle 30s. I look most forward to coming home each day, taking off the makeup and the fashionable clothes and shoes, and putting on my most favorite lounge clothes. Ah, pure bliss!

I have a confession to make: I wear man pants.

Let me explain. On a recent shopping excursion, I was on the hunt for some new sweat pants. It wasn't the most exciting territory, but I had worn through all of my old trustees and it was time to replace them. I was several stores deep and disappointed with all of my choices. I had finally settled on a decent pair from Old Navy...or so I thought. I was walking through the men's section when it dawned on me to check the available options there. I stumbled upon sweat-pant perfection. Comfortable thick waistband: Check. Pockets: Check. Soft, thick fabric: Check. I mean, would anybody even know if they were men sweatpants versus women's? Why were these pants such better quality than the women's? None of the ones I found in the women's section had pockets. Most of the ladies lounge pants were so thin you could almost see through them. These pants had to come home with me!

So, I finished off my shopping list and headed home. I was so proud of my purchases. I was most excited about my new sweat-pants. I immediately pulled them out and began to share the story with Cab. I was proud of my "thinking outside of the box" mentality... I had found exactly what I wanted in a different section at the store.

I did not think about the consequences of sharing this story with him, however. My button-pushing husband took the information and ran. He affectionately named my new pants my "man pants". Soon, they became the butt of every joke at my house. My thin skin was struggling with the jokes and I felt so terrible about them... until it hit me how silly I was being. Did my pants bring me joy? Yes. Did the pants fit comfortably? Yes. I finally decided to embrace the jokes. I want to shout it from the roof tops: I love my "man pants". If you stop by my house on any given evening...there is a good chance you will catch me in them.

Last week, I worked at the hospital and was finishing a stretch of a couple of days there. I was tired and couldn't think of anything better than going home to put on my favorite pants. During that day, some plans were made, and we were going to Jennifer's house for dinner. I was going to meet everyone there after my shift was over. On our group text I told Cab to grab my "man pants" and bring them so I could change out of my scrubs. Now, Stewart knows about the man pants and a new batch of jokes has begun. My skin has thickened and I am ready for whatever jokes come my way!

I love my man pants. I totally encourage all of my women friends to check out the stash of sweatpants in the men's section. Just don't share with your husband that they were intended for men if you can't handle the jokes! At least, that's the way I see it!

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