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Kitchen Series Part 2: Dishwasher DIY

We are finally in a place where our kitchen is functional! Hallelujah! The construction, painting and priming of the cabinets was completed, our countertops were installed, and everything was put back into place. Ha! That sentence makes it sound easy. It was days and days of work just to put everything back in place. We are so far from finished, but our kitchen is usable and that is HUGE! I am looking forward to sharing different details as we proceed with the remodel. This has been quite a learning opportunity for us as we remake our home.

I wanted to share a fun DIY project I did for our kitchen that saved us lots of money! I refinished our black dishwasher with a stainless steel kit. Our dishwasher is the only item in the kitchen that hasn’t been replaced with a stainless steel appliance. It worked perfectly, so I never had excuse to get a new one. Sure, I have picked out the quiet, super robot dishwasher that will one day replace my current one. But, to save the $700-1000 in our budget right now, I found a kit that allowed me to refinish the front of the dishwasher for $24.95 from Amazon. Yep, $24.95!

Like you probably are, I was a little skeptical at first. I read countless reviews and watched you-tube tutorials that had me fully convinced this was a project I could totally handle. Then, I shared the news of ordering the kit with Cab. He thought it was hysterical and basically an excuse to mess up our current dishwasher so that we had to buy a new one. I assured him that was not my plan and proceeded with my project.

The kit is available is varying forms. I ordered the kit that had enough product for my dishwasher, but there are kits big enough to refinish an entire fridge if you want! It is very simple, and if you are patient, you should be very pleased with the outcome. My kit contained a foam brush, one can of base coat, and one can of top coat. It would have been nice to have a small foam roller brush for this project, but I went ahead and used what was included so that I could give an accurate description of the use.

The biggest thing to consider with this project is time and patience. This isn't a project that you can cut corners or slap together in an hour. You must follow the steps of thin layers and time to dry in between to achieve the final look. However, the steps are simple.

First, clean and tape off the area that will be refinished. The instructions note that if you have a particularly glossy plastic finish, you may want to scrub with steel wool first. Since my dishwasher was nice and shiny plastic, I gave a good scrub all over to give the surface a better grip. Then, I cleaned well and allowed to dry.

Second step: apply the base coat in thin, even layers. Ya'll, this is literally liquid stainless steel. It is mesmerizing to paint with! The instructions say that you should need 3-5 coats. I ended up doing more like 6 or 7 to give the full complete look I was going for. I may have done my layers a bit too thin, but I wanted to be careful in following that rule. In between each coat, you need to let it dry for at least an hour. I will admit that after about coat 3 or 4, I was starting to feel defeated and felt like I had just ruined our dishwasher. I stuck with it, though, and was very pleased with the results. So, if you begin to feel this way, just know it is totally normal, and if you keep at it, you will soon have the finish you desire!

Finally, I topped it off with two layers of topcoat, waiting the recommended drying time of several hours in between each coat.

Seriously, it is that easy. I cannot say enough about how simple and satisfying this DIY project has been. I can see the simple flaws in brush strokes, but none of my guests can. It is parked right next to my new stainless farmhouse sink and looks pretty perfect! I am glad to answer questions about this kit if you have them. I shared the link to purchase in the pictures and I will share at the end of this blog. I hope you all enjoy and be sure to share if you decide to refinish an appliance! I'd love to see the results!

If you'd like to purchase the dishwasher conversion kit, follow this link: https://amzn.to/2Qt04a1

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