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Sell it to me

If you are anything like me, you really enjoy a quick stroll on social media. You’ll like a cute picture of a friend’s new puppy, comment on another friend’s request for prayer, chuckle at a funny video or meme someone shares and overall enjoy getting a brief update of what is going on around you. At this time, in the United States alone, there are more than 214 million active Facebook users and 105 million Instagram users. These numbers have lead to social media being a perfect outlet for marketing and sales. In the last few years, I have seen more and more sales pitches on my social media feeds. At first, I was rather annoyed... Can I not just log on to enjoy my newsfeed without being sold something?

As time progressed, I gave it some more thought. I could not think of a single friend on my lists that would ask me to throw my hard-earned money away. I am not friends with anybody that would intentionally sell me something that is defective or doesn’t work. Obviously, these types of scammers exist, but none that I would have on my social media friend lists. I decided to give some of the sales pitches a chance, and I was more than pleasantly surprised!

I found adorable gift ideas for teachers, new favorites in skincare and makeup, stylish clothes that last, products that improve my health, etc. What else? I found that these men and women were working hard to share something with me that they truly loved and believed in. I found creativity in my friends that gave them an outlet to use a God-given gift! Most of these men and women have full-time careers and share their “side hustle” in an attempt to help pay the bills or put their kiddos through karate or dance. I find so much more pride in my purchases from friends and their handmade items or MLM groups because I know that I am supporting something on a smaller scale.

So, I challenge you to give your social media feeds a chance. They may include just the perfect gifts for your upcoming Christmas list. Maybe, you will find a product that helps improve your family’s health. A local photographer may have just the perfect upcoming sessions for your next family photos. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask questions. Most of the people I have ordered from are more than helpful in finding me what I need. I’d love to know your favorite social media sales and shopping outlets! Share them with us and your friends with this post. I’m including some of my personal favorites below and links to contact them! I hope you see and enjoy a renewed outlook with your personal social media shopping experience.

Cassie with Southpaw Script: Custom invitations, boards, and more

Kelli with Aubyroo Designs: Handpainted door hangers and signs

Sheila with Sheila’s Stiches- Custom monogramming

Stephannie with Pruvit: Exogenous ketones to aid in weightloss and improve mental clarity

Julie with Lipsense: Longwear lipstick and makeup that I LOVE

Carla with Carla's Fashions: Ladies boutique clothing

Sarah with Souls Imagined South: Specialized Lifestlye Photography

Cynthia with Fowler Photography: Specialized Infant Photographer

Shelly with Doterra: Essential oils for health and well-being

Magan with Outlaw Jewelry Company: Hand-stamped custom jewelry

Morgan with Perfect Parker Photography: Family photo sessions

Rebekah with Wildwood Charm: Affordable women's fashion

Alicia with Memories Made Photography: Family photo sessions

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