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Tips for Throwing a Successful Slumber Party

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Let me preface this post with if you are trying to plan a Pinterest worthy slumber party, stop reading. This is a post on how to have a slumber party your child will enjoy and won't leave you exhausted! I used to chase the dream of having the perfect party for my kids, cute invitations, beautiful cake, napkins, and plates that match the theme of the party. After Claire's 2nd birthday, the Snow White extravaganza, I realized it was a little over the top. I made the decision they would not have a party every year. I decided 7, 10, 13, and 16 would be the party years.

Year seven would become the year of the slumber party in our household. Caroline participated in Claire's year seven sleepover, so she was more than ready to have her turn. Claire's slumber party was such a success, I decided to repeat the same basic slumber party formula. Take two was even better.

I hope these tips help your daughter have a great party and you have a painless experience as the slumber party supervisor.

Feed them First

Kids are happier and more pleasant when they are fed. Pizza is the best option. Don't waste your time with themed out handmade food, unless you love doing it, because most kids do not even notice! Pizza, chips, maybe a fruit, and juice boxes are all you need.

Have a craft planned

You need to keep those little hands busy! I just asked Caroline what she was into lately or what she thought was cool these days. Unicorns, apparently are the hot ticket. I bought cheap frames at Hobby Lobby, white paper, and oil-free chalks.

One of my best friends is an artist and Caroline called her to ask if she would come to her party and "do" art with them. Now, I don't know too many people who could say no to a sweet little voicemail from an about to be seven-year old little girl.

I played music and took turns asking them what songs they wanted to hear. It was so sweet listening to them sing while they worked. And they worked. And they worked! I couldn't believe how long they worked. They worked so long and hard, we didn't have time for the games I had planned.

Steps to Unique Unicorns

1) Have students use a pencil and model for them the steps to drawing a unicorn.

2) Trace in black sharpie.

3) Choose three colors in the same color family. (In my opinion, this was Cassie's best tip to the girls.)

4) Chalk it in like you are coloring.

5) Rub with your finger.

6) Spray with hairspray.

7) Frame them!

All of their unicorns turned out great and what personality they have!!! Caroline's unicorn had blue eyeshadow, she is such a make-up girl. There are two older unicorns in the herd because Caroline demanded her sister and her best friend come to her party. I'm not going to lie, made my heart so happy. I so hope they remain close when they grow up.

Cake and Ice Cream

After crafting those little unicorns were all kinds of hungry! Notice Caroline's cake has dogs on it. The old me would have convinced her to have a unicorn cake to go with the art project. Not the new me, I wanted this to be "her" party. She wanted a dog cake, so she got a dog cake.

PJ Time

I stole this idea from Stephannie, matching pajamas for the whole crew as their party favor. It was probably cheaper than buying all that junk that goes in those gift bags. I found them on Amazon for seven dollars! Caroline picked out mermaid pajamas and I let her! Unicorns, dogs, and mermaids, oh, my!

Movie Time

Now, get them snuggled in on the couch nice and comfortable with all their stuffed animals and blankets. Pat yourself on the back, you have almost survived. The next part is the trickiest...

Bed Time

I do believe this is the best slumber party trick I have to offer by far. Be clear about your expectations! When it is time to go to bed, I go upstairs with them, help them find their spots. I announce they have fifteen minutes to talk and whisper in their spots. They can not get up from their spot. I turn the lights off except for a closet light.

I also give instructions for the morning. You may get up and finish the movie, but do not under any circumstance wake me up before 7:00, unless you really need me...like you are bleeding or sick!

I tell them I will return in fifteen minutes and turn off the light and there will be no more talking after that. I return and turn off the light... and I stand at the door. There will always be one brave little soul who starts the conversation up again. I wait for it. Sure enough, she piped up and I shushed her. I still waited! There was one more peep and they were out! Success!!! Sleeping seven- year olds, ah...the sound is music to my tired, I've worked forty hours this week ears. You must enforce your expectations! If I hadn't stayed up there for five minutes, they would have been up for two more hours.

I hope I returned kids to their parents that weren't overly tired or cranky from the sleepover. The way I see it, if you prepare to keep them busy and put them to bed at a decent time, you will have less drama and a successful sleepover. Nite, Nite! Sleep tight!

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